Selling Tips: What Steps a Seller should Do when His House is Listed

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March 01, 2014
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Whether you like it or not, real estate selling usually requires extra work. Before listing the house up for sale, you should do your part in making sure the property is attractive enough to lure prospective buyers. Spend more time and effort in doing your part to make sure real estate selling would not be stressful for you in the long run.

Begin by setting an attractive price tag. You may have valuation from the experts so that you could be sure you are getting the actual and reasonable value. Possible buyers would also be easily turned off if they think the home valuation is a little off. Here are more tips. 

Get it ready for ‘move in’

Most potential homebuyers prefer to buy homes that are already in ideal ‘move in’ condition. The house must create an instant impression that it is ready for occupancy of its new owner, who could be planning to move in right away. Most potential buyers would not like to spend more time and money to fix up and renovate the home.

Part of getting the house ready for moving in would be the assurance that every fixture and component is in working order. Doors should be secured and functional; appliances should be in good condition; and plumbing and electrical fixtures should comply with present building codes.

Boost curb appeal

Modern homebuyers are usually particular about the property’s curb appeal. When selling your home, work on the external appearance of the house before listing it up for Indiana Homes for sale. The exterior should be painted beautifully and the lawn should be well maintained. Remember that in real estate selling, the appearance makes a first impression and it means a lot.

The house should be presentable inside and out. If the exterior is appealing, make sure the interior is equally attractive. This task could be achieved by simply removing all the clutter prior to showing the property off to possible buyers. Pay particular attention to staging. If you are unfamiliar about the task, hire professionals and let them take care of the rest. This could be worth it as doing so would certainly boost the chances for the property to be sold quickly.

Sweeten the purchase deal

When selling your home, be prepared enough to close the deal in the shortest time possible. Many homebuyers get impressed if the home could be closed within just 30 days to 60 days. There are many other strategic ways to sweeten the deal. You may offer to shoulder the closing costs or take care of home valuation process.

A transferable home warranty could also do the trick. This is when an investment of about $400 for an annual policy could pay off. A prospective homebuyer would always welcome the idea that he is covered against common house problems like malfunctioning appliances and fixtures. 

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