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January 23, 2014
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Real Estate in Plainfield, Indiana

In a little, cozy town - Plainfield, life is simple and joyful. Clean air and relaxed way of living make everyone enjoy being here. Great place to raise the kids with a lot of public elementary schools and new High School built in the year of 2009. Plenty of parks and Aquatic Center make this place even more great and fun in the summer. Plainfield is located less than 20 miles from the center of Indianapolis which makes this place a beautiful suburb, totally adding some value to Indianapolis Real Estate market. An average listing price in this beautiful suburb is about $190,000 for a family home.


Based on research studies, an average listing price for Indianapolis homes for sale is slightly less than $160,000. During the previous few years, prices in Indianapolis Real Estate market were falling because of foreclosures and rising unemployment. We would say that Indianapolis Real Estate market stands on solid ground in our current economy and reports show promising improvements. When it comes to average sales price of closed deals, Indianapolis Real Estate market showed its quarterly increase of over 10% in third quarter of 2013. We are expecting the same trend of strengthening home prices to continue during the year of 2014 and beyond. That would come hand-in-hand with relatively steady mortgage interest rates which are currently somewhere between 4 and 4.5 percent.

Indianapolis Real Estate market good place for an investment

Very noticeable market peak happened in the year of 2006, while soon after that reached new bottom in 2010. The weak market conditions over the recent years means that housing was significantly more affordable and it is a great opportunity for investors. Many investors got disappointed with stock-market investments and decided to go in a direction of investing into Indianapolis Real Estate market. A more restricted flow of credit should prevent another housing bubble from forming anytime soon. House in Indianapolis and surrounding areas generate cash flow ranging from $300 to $400 a month in rent after all bills are paid (mortgage, insurance, taxes). Markets are constantly changing and it is our job to monitor changes and take an advantage of each market circumstances. Based on above given statistics, we are currently still in “buyers market”, since the mortgage rates are steady and as a result we are about to experience property value growth in the near future.

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