Every Successful New Realtor Has These 3 Things. Do You?

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Dennis Nottingham
April 06, 2021
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Every realtor should ensure they keep these three things in their arsenal. Taking the time to ensure these things are updated and provide the correct information are crucial to achieving a great presence online as a realtor and will help generate leads. Take a look at these three things every successful realtor has.

1. Updated Websites

If a client were to search your name online, would you be nervous or excited about what they might find? As a realtor, it is crucial that you present yourself in a professional light online. The first step in achieving this is by updating your bio on websites such as Zillow, Homes.com, Mibor, etc. You want to ensure these sites hold updated and accurate information about yourself as a realtor.

It is also important to take a look at your reviews on each platform associated with you as a realtor. If there are any comments or reviews that are of ill-nature, do what you can to either rid your page of that comment or review, or you could reply in attempts to alleviate the issue. It is crucial that you are polite, professional and create an comfortable environment where possible issues can be resolved. Having this attitude will allow others to see you in a positive light and a true professional.

Another important task to tackle in handling your online presence as a realtor is to do an online audit. When a potential client searches you on Google, there is a high chance other realtors will come before you and your information may not be on the first page of Google. In doing an online audit, you can increase your chances of all of the platforms you are listed on as a realtor being on the first page of Google so that clients can find you first.

2. A Presence on Social Media

Whether you have a large follower count or not, having a great presence on social media as a realtor will always be a plus. This is a fantastic way to present listings, your services, reviews, videos, graphics, etc to potential clients.

Having a social media platform as a realtor should serve as a great resource for those who stumble across your page and puts you in a position to present yourself as an industry expert through social media.

For example, Instagram is a great social media platform to utilize as an agent. Through this social media platform you can share the suggested content listed above. Having a steady stream of content is a great way to present information and related engaging content to potential clients. The amount of followers you have is somewhat important, but more than anything, having a consistent stream of resourceful content will aid in presenting yourself professionally on social media platforms. 

3. Passion for Helping Others

At its core, being a realtor means to assist others. Buying a home is one of the largest physical and emotional investments a person can make. As an agent, keeping the best interests of your clients at the forefront is your responsibility. With this, you create an environment where they feel comfortable expressing their needs and concerns with you, which will aid in allowing for a smooth process in buying a new home and/or selling their old home.

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