6 Fall DIY Projects for the Home

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Dennis Nottingham
October 12, 2020
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In this article, we are bringing you 6 easy fall DIYs you can do for your home! Which DIY project is your favorite? Comment down below!

  1. TP Pumpkin

Can’t find a good pumpkin this fall? Check out this fun TP pumpkin! You’ll need a roll of toilet paper and some fall inspired fabric. Flannel is a popular choice for many! First, place the toilet paper roll on top of the fabric. Next, wrap the fabric around the roll, forming a pumpkin-like shape and tuck extra fabric in the middle of the roll. Now place them around your home for decoration. Easy!  

  1. Wreath

Wreaths are quintessential to the season! Let’s DIY one that will knock the socks off of guests. You’ll need rounded styrofoam, your fabric of choice, a hot glue gun, leaves and a bundle of twigs. All of these supplies can be picked up and purchased from your local arts and crafts store. First, wrap the fabric around the styrofoam to cover the base and secure it with glue. Next, wrap the twigs around the shape of the styrofoam. You may need to wrap the ends of the twigs around each other in order to prevent some areas from popping out. Next, glue a few leaves on. When picking out leaves from the craft store, choose some that really capture the colors of fall; i.e red, yellow and brown. You could even pick some from outside that catch your eye. Have fun with it and make it your own! 

  1. Pine Cone Garland

Pick up some pine cones from your local craft store and glitter spray. Gold spray would be a great color to choose for this time of year. Some other shades could be contrasting browns, and reds and oranges with cool undertones. Choose shades that complement the interior of your home. Spray the outside of the pine cone to give it a sparking coat. Give them about 30 minutes to dry. Next, hot glue the tips to a long piece of twine. Hang over your mandle to give your home beautiful fall decor!

  1. Candle and Cinnamon Sticks

Grab a tall candle that is at least 4 inches thick. Next, grab some cinnamon sticks. Line the cinnamon sticks around the candle. Tie with twine to hold the sticks in place. When you light this candle, expect the scent of cinnamon to fill the room. Tie a leaf with the bundle of cinnamon stick to add some texture and a pop of greenery! We’ve also adopted our crayon melt from our pumpkin DIY above and have applied it to this DIY as well. In the spirit of October, we decided to use red with black for this look. The concept is the exact same as the pumpkin. Place the crayons around the perimeter of the candle. Next, hold a flame next to the wax. As the wax melts, it will drip down the sides of the candle to create an awesome Halloween inspired candle!

  1. Flannel Coasters

This next fall home DIY is one you’ll definitely recommend to others! Grab some fall inspired fall fabric of your choice. We recommend buying fabric that looks like a flannel shirt, as these are popular articles of clothing that are worn during this time of year. Fold the edges inward and glue down with a hot glue gun. You want to fold the edges to create a clean cut line and provide the product with some stability. Repeat these steps to an additional piece that has been cut the same size. Next, sandwich a piece of felt in between the two pieces of fabric and glue together. Now you have fall inspired coasters that will keep your tables free from harm.

  1. Glow-in-the-dark Eyes

This next creation is sure to wow your eyes! The materials you’ll need for this project are simple. You will need a few toilet paper rolls, a pen or pencil, an exacto knife for precise cutting and some glow sticks. Step one is to draw an outline of halloween inspired eyes on one side of the toilet paper roll. If you are not an artist or simply need some inspiration, you can find awesome examples by searching this DIY on Google. One you’ve been inspired, it’s time to get to drawing! Sketch out your eyes on the cardboard. No need to overthink your art. This design should be simple, a few straight lines and simple shapes. Once finished, grab your exacto knife. Carefully trace the blade around the outline of your drawing to cut out the eyes. Next, crack your glow sticks and place them into the rolls. Turn out the lights to reveal a pair of eyes in the dark!

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