5 Things Top Producing Real Estate Agents Do Every Day

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Dennis Nottingham
October 19, 2021
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In this article, we are bringing you 5 things top producing agents do every day in order to stay ahead of the curb. From their morning routine to how they spend their afternoons, we are spilling all the tips on how these successful agents made their mark in the field. You’ll want to bookmark this one!

1. Gain Knowledge on Topics in the Field

Top realtors understand the importance of continuing to develop in the field by continuously gaining knowledge in the world of real estate.

These agents know the value of a good book and appreciate the vast amount of information available to society for free on digital platforms such as YouTube. Check out our article 6 YouTube Channels to Gain Knowledge as a Real Estate Agent to explore channels of successful real estate agents and tips they have for all agents. “Skills are so important because you are always talking to people, selling yourself, handling objections and closing,” said Christian Fuentes, Remax Top Producers in Diamond Bar, California. “You need skills and experience today; it’s a skill to be able to listen and to then be able to ask the right questions to get the right answers.”

Top producers go above and beyond their peers in accomplishments because they have taken the time to clearly define their goals of development in the field. Even more importantly, they lay out the plans to achieve those goals with activities and a timeframe.

2. Market Their Skills

Whether done through social media platforms or traditionally through word of mouth, being able to successfully market yourself as a true professional is a great way to generate leads in the field.

Post content on social media to show things such as your top listings, your life as a realtor, client success stories, etc. The possibilities are really endless on digital platforms. The goal is to simply upload content that shows your successes in the field. This form of advertising pays for itself and it is a great way to bring in more clients. If you know you have a busy week coming up, or you just want to simplify the entire process, use a program like Hootsuite to schedule posts well in advance.

3. Be Easy Going

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful process. Having a knowledgeable realtor with an easy going personality can make all the difference in helping a client feel relaxed and comfortable in the process of transitioning homes.

As a realtor, it's essential to keep clients feeling confident and in good spirits when buying or selling their home. This time is both a financial and emotional process for them and they need a professional who is able to properly guide them throughout the process. Be patient and considerate with clients to have a great turn out, and be someone who they would refer friends or family members to.

4. Problem Solver

As someone who is there to guide clients throughout the process of buying or selling a home, which can be taxing on our financial and emotional wellbeing, having an agent who is a problem solver is critical. These sharp thinkers will make the most intensive problem a breeze and bring sanity back into reality.

Being a problem solver is one of the best qualities a realtor can have because no matter what the situation may be, these professionals are able to think out of the box in order to have the client in a home that’s beautiful and meets their financial needs. Navigating a real estate transaction can be a detailed and challenging task. Having a true professional that's able to guide them throughout the process and be the soultion they need is critical.

5. Follow Up and Be Available

Top producing realtors are always available to their clients during the day and follow up with all their questions and concerns. Again, buying and/or selling a home can be a burden on both our financial and emotional assets.

Find a comfortable spot to work in, whether it be the office, a coffee shop, or a comfy spot in your home where you feel most productive. Use this time to respond to emails and follow up with others. Doing this ensures your clients feel connected and reassured that they are in the hands of a true professional. You can also use this time to respond to your comments on social media. Social media serves as a form of communication and customer service. Treating these platforms as ways to answer questions from potential clients is a great way to form connections and generate leads.

You can go even further during this time to create easy pieces of digital content to post or plan the social media content you’ll create and share this week. You can also use this time to prep for your day. Review all scheduled showings and double-check market trends so you are ready to be the resource your clients need you to be.

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