5 Popular Home Features that Will Help Sell Your Home

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Dennis Nottingham
September 01, 2020
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In this article we are bringing you 5 sought after home features that will help sell your home!

  1. Home Office
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In today’s climate, having a home office is more crucial than ever. With COVID-19, still on the rise, many are having to transition to working from home. With this, homes equipped with offices are becoming a more sought after feature in 2020 in comparison to previous years. Creating a space for a home office can be a determining factor in whether or not an offer will be put in on a home. When modeling what could be used as a home office space in a showing, be sure to choose an area that is spacious and has plenty of outlets available. Choosing an area that is well-lit (artificially and naturally) will also aid in the efficiency of the space.

  1. Laundry Room
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Having a proper space for laundry is becoming a critical feature on many home hunter’s lists. With this space we are able to amass, clean and organize all laundry in one designated area. This prevents laundry from accumulating in various areas of the home. In a laundry room you also have the feature of an extra sink. These sinks can range quite big in size and can serve a variety of purposes such as hand washing delicates or cleaning small pets. The functionality of a laundry room is why it is so sought after and adds to the possibility of an offer being placed on a home.

  1. Energy Efficiency
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Society becomes more aware of the dangers of pollution each year. In 2020, we are having to face many deeply rooted flaws in our societies and climate change is one of them. Just as we were told a few years ago, with rising temperatures comes extreme weather, viral material being unfrozen from permafrost, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, etc. With this, many are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. This idea is also extending to the home buying world. Another feature that will help sell your home is the use of efficient energy. Efficient energy in a home includes the use of sealant around windows to ensure the cooling and heating system doesn’t overwork itself due to temperature changes being made by incoming air from window seals, the use of solar panels, low pressure water systems, etc. These eco-friendly features add to the value of homes, especially in this day and age.

  1. Efficient Storage Space
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Many people struggle with not having adequate space in their homes, therefore, homes with efficient storage instantly have more appeal to potential homebuyers. Areas where storage space is most needed in a home include the kitchen, master closet, pantry and garage. This provides more than enough space for the homeowners to store their belongings. If a home has adequate spacing in these areas of the home, it is sure to have more offers placed on it in comparison to one that did not possess such abundant storage space.

  1. Patio
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Patios are becoming a more sought after home feature, especially in the wake of COVID-19. With many countries enforcing stay at home currews and for some lockdowns, having your own personal space outside of your home is becoming a critical factor for many. With a patio, we are able to step outside of our home while still being in the comforts of our own space. This protects us from germs amassed in crowded areas, while giving us the opportunity to escape from the confinements of quarantine. A home equipped with a patio is sure to boost its appeal. Patios can vary greatly in size, but if the space is properly groomed and looked after, it will still render more offers in comparison to a home without the option of a patio.

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