5 More Charming Interior Designs You'll See in 2020

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Dennis Nottingham
January 07, 2020
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“A designer has a duty to create timeless design. To be timeless you have to think really far into the future, not next year, not in two years, but in 20 years minimum.”

Philippe Starck, French Interior Designer

You loved our previous article “5 Charming Interior Designs You’ll See in 2020”. Here’s 5 more stunning interior trends. Which design(s) will you invite into your home in the new year?

  1. Modern Wood Paneling
a view of a kitchen

Wood paneling is making a comeback in 2020. Modern wood paneling provides the home with a clean cut, refreshing, and sometimes rustic aesthetic. It can be used to create texture, sleek lines, and even create three dimensional features when placed above a main backdrop. Modern wood paneling helps a space in a home stand out, especially areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. As mentioned above, this look invites a refreshing feeling into a space. With this, having them placed where food is cleaned and prepared, and where we cater to personal hygiene is ideal.

  1. Two-Toned Kitchens
a kitchen with a sink and a window

2020 interior design trends are all about creating contrast in unique or classic ways. A way to bring contrast into the home is by having a two-toned kitchen. A two-toned kitchen is a space in which the cabinets and appliances provide contrast by having two tones, a dark and a light. The great part about this look is that the color palette is completely up to your discretion. Some popular color (and texture) combinations are gray and white, black and white, stainless steel and white, wood and white, and gray and wood. With this look, any shade of your choice paired with white will work for your home. Wood is truly a great texture to incorporate into this look. As we’ve already established, wood works very well in a kitchen because it creates a refreshing aesthetic, a feeling we all love to experience in the kitchen.

  1. More Color 
a bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table

Obtaining furniture and accessories in different shades and textures will be popular in homes in 2020, maximalism being the inspiration behind the look. Maximalism design is the art of incorporating various shades and textures that create contrast. Let’s recap on some trends that were discussed in our previous 2020 interior design article and some we’ve talked about so far in this article: (1) fine art, (2) wallpaper, (3) color and texture; all of these designs invoke the contrast and style that is maximalism. Velvet is also making a comeback this year, as many people are incorporating this texture in shades of yellow, purple, and/or orange in their homes. Experiment with these looks to see if maximalism fits your style, or if using these trends as minuet accent pieces better fit your aesthetic.

  1. Patterned Ceilings 
a bedroom with a large window

Patterned ceilings help to open up and elongate what designers call “The 5th Wall”. This can be achieved by using a range of textures or colors. Some examples include bold wallpaper, wood, or even windows. What ceiling you choose depends on the space and the feeling you want to invoke. For example, in a sunroom, the ceiling can be lined with beautiful linen in a waveform to further create a free-flowing and open space. This design can add charm to even the most beautiful spaces. We encourage you to check out Trevor Tondro’s sunroom photography that perfectly captures this stunning design.

  1. Arches
a room with a sink and a mirror

Lastly, arches make for another way to elongate and open up the space above. Made famous by the Romans thousands of years ago, this design has found its way back into the modern home. In ancient times, the Romans created archways to create larger buildings, efficient aqueducts, and to create a structure that could support the weight of the volcanic stone and other materials used in ancient architecture. (Khan Academy). In modern times, arches are simply used to create the appearance of a larger home. Curved lines appear softer to the eye in comparison with traditional straight lines, and give a home an elegant aesthetic.

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