5 Effective Ways to Create a Home Office Fit for Productivity

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Dennis Nottingham
February 12, 2020
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There’s a science behind creating the perfect home office. In this article, we list 5 effective ways anyone can create a space fit for productivity.

  1. Colors and Productivity
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Colors trigger the human brain into giving an emotional response. When we see red, we may associate it with danger or anger. When we see yellow, we may tie it to happiness. How can we use this to our advantage in a space such as a home office? Of course, yellow may not be everyone’s color of choice and emotional interpretation can vary. As previously mentioned, red can be associated with danger in the eyes of one person, but in the eyes of another, can easily be tied to love or the idea of romance. The color one chooses for their home office should be based on their color preference and how they personally connect with a shade. For this space, it is not necessarily the shade you chose, but the intensity of the color that affects productivity. According to Angela Wright, a world-renowned color psychologist, bold hues stimulate the brain, while soft shades soothe (Bailey, Chris). The kind of work conducted in a home office and it’s intensity should help determine if that space requires a strong or soothing color. 

  1. Finding the Right Desk and Chair
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Comfort should be one of the top priorities in creating a home office. The idea of trying to do work in a stiff and rather uncomfortable chair and/or at an unappealing desk that lacks space, could very much be the reason why one may want to leave the room; they feel it is not conducive for productivity. Take the time to be picky in hunting for a desk and chair; yes be picky. Find a chair that fits your style and that is most importantly, comfortable. Find a desk that has an adequate amount of space to work on and is appealing to the eye. IKEA is your best bet in finding a chair and desk that are nicely designed and run for a reasonable price. If you are a master thrifter, searching through your favorite shops could be a great way to find suitable pieces as well.

  1. Organization and Storage
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Proper organization is crucial for creating a space fit for work and productivity. As mentioned in a previous article, stress thrives in cluttered spaces. Finding an easy and efficient organization system will play a key role in helping a space feel light and and easy to work in. Youtube is a great platform to get organization inspiration from. This community is able to enlighten viewers on the world of organization and the best systems to live by for various areas of the home. Pinterest is also a great platform to collect organization ideas from. Check out our Pinterest Home Organization board @ RE/MAX Advanced Realty: Indy Home Pros Team to get inspired!

  1. Wall Art
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Not only is wall art a fun way to incorporate pieces of personality into a space, it also carries mental and physical health benefits. “Recent research on visual art has focused on its psychological and physiological effects, mostly in clinical populations. It has shown that visual art interventions have stabilizing effects on the individual by reducing distress, increasing self-reflection and self- awareness, altering behaviour and thinking patterns, and also by normalizing heart rate, blood pressure, or even cortisol levels,” (Bolwerk, Anne, et al). Some pieces one can incorporate in their home office include paintings, quotes, hanging plants from the walls, etc. These pieces can also serve as items that help motivate and inspire whoever is working in that space. The creative possibilities are endless and the results, worth it. Find creative wall art at spots such as Target or Amazon.com.

  1. Supplies
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An artist is nothing without their tools! Be sure a home office has all the supplies it needs according to the type of work that will be conducted in that space. Most importantly, be sure not to have a surplus of supplies. Remember, we want to ensure this space stays efficient and organized. 

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