4 Items from Amazon You NEED for Your Home

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Dennis Nottingham
October 15, 2020
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In this article we are bringing you 4 items you need in your home from Amazon. You’ll want to add these items to your cart!

  1. Area Rug

Finding the perfect area rug for your home can cost both money and time. First time rug buyers will be shocked to know the average costs of a rug and can find themselves in a bind as they hunt for a rug that matches their home’s interior as well as their budget. Luckily, Amazon has got you covered!

You can browse hundreds of rugs set to the style and budget that fits your needs. Styles to browse through include orential, natural textures and much more. You are sure to find something that catches your eye when browsing.

These rugs are cost efficient, ranging from 20-60 dollars cheaper than the rugs you would find in furniture stores on average. This makes rugs for the home accessible for a broader range of buyers.

  1. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets do a world of wonders for many people, and now it is your turn!

Investing in a weighted blanket means you are investing in better sleep and comfort. Scientific studies show that weighed blankets have a positive impact on the human body. This is so because these weighted blankets are able to press into pressure points on the body, serving as a needleless form of acupuncture.

Weighted blankets can run a little pricey in stores, but on Amazon you are sure to find a great deal. This one we found runs for 39.99. Compared to the 50 to 60 dollars weighted blankets in store, 39 dollars is quite a deal. This blanket weighs in at 15.0 lbs at the lightest and 20.0 lbs at the heaviest.

The weight comes from glass beads, forming to the shape of your body as you rest, providing the utmost comfort. Some weighted blankets have square shaped weights inserted into the fabric that can cause some discomfort. The glass beads from this brand solve that issue beautifully.

It comes in a beautiful gray color that is sure to match most aesthetics and will become the aid in sleep you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Elegant Floor Lamp

Nice floor lamps are another home item that can run high in price in most stores. Amazon also provides a great deal on these products for its customers.

This arched lamp is a stunning piece to add to any home. It’s sleek design makes it fit in any space and its simple color allows it to blend well into most home aesthetics. The large shades give the light space to coat the area in a well lit yet soft tone. This makes this lamp perfect for any occasion, such as having company over or simply reading a book, because its light is gentle on the eyes.

Harsh LED lamps can have negative effects on the body. For example, these lights, emitting large amounts of harsh blue light can cause things such as eye strain, headache and sleep that lacks quality. If you have lights in your home that are too bright, it is in your best interest to rid your space of them to invite a more friendly light into your home.

As mentioned above, this floor lamp can make a great addition to your space, weather it be your bedroom or living room. Check out this lamp and other similar products to find a lamp for your home.

  1. Desk

Months later we still have found ourselves in the grasps of COVID-19.

With this, many are still working from home full-time or partly throughout the week. Having a proper space where you are able to complete your work is crucial.

This desk from Amazon can aid in providing you with a great workspace. This desk measures in at 39.4 inches, its largest size being 55.2 inches. This desk is sure to provide you with the workspace you need to write on documents as well as work on your computer. It comes in a stunning dark wood finish that is sure to look beautiful in any space. It runs for an affordable price of 75.99.

For its size, this price is very affordable, as most desk in this size and style can reach the 100 price point range in stores. Invest in this one from Amazon to get the modern and simple style you love for a price you love even more! 

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