3 Things Organizationally-Savvy People Do to Keep Their Homes Tidy

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Dennis Nottingham
January 20, 2021
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Organizationally-savvy individuals have an eye for both style and efficiency. Their homes are oftentimes well-designed, radiate a sense of balance, are somewhat minimalistic and are at its core, organized. What tips can you take from these individuals to incorporate into your own home? In this article, we are bringing you 5 things organized people do to keep their homes tidy. 

With anything in life, having a simple and well-structured gameplan is key to achieving any task. Without this small, but highly effective list, we can find ourselves without a proper roadmap and render ourselves unable to reach our destination with ease.

The art of creating a list is something that should be kept simple, yet many make it complex. When creating a list for the home, it is important to first identify the intent of that list. Why spend time creating a list when you could complete tasks as they come and at a time that feels most convenient in that moment? For a time, operating in this mode may prove to be easy, but over time, you will find that the tasks come in at a time that is inconvenient for you, the process itself becomes daunting and tasks will begin to accumulate. A simple list can remedy this headache before it has an opportunity to invite itself in. 

When creating a list for the home it’s essential to keep it concise and simple. Each task should be achievable within a 30-minute time frame. If a task goes well beyond this mark, dividing the task over a few days or perhaps delegating time-intensive tasks for the weekend could prove to be what allows you to complete smaller tasks throughout the week, allowing your weekends to be filled with more free time. An example task could be to spend 20 minutes cleaning out the refrigerator. This task is simple which makes it more likely to be completed. If the task were to say clean the entire fridge, wash all tupperware that was stored and wipe down shelves, there’s a higher chance that most wouldn’t dare to entertain, especially during the week. If the tasks are made simple enough they will be easy to complete during the week. This benefits the wellbeing of both you and your home.

As humans, we naturally develop an emotional connection with things that gives us a sense of happiness. This also extends to developing a connection with things that we believe could prove to be useful for us in the future, no matter how arbitrary that thing is or how little its reward could bear. Organizationally-savvy individuals have over time taught themselves that holding onto essential useless items won’t contribute to the wellbeing of their home over time. They may hold onto an item that captures temporary emotions, but in the end they are able to distinguish if that item is worth offering space in their home for it.

It seems difficult to reject these items from our home because we have formed a temporary yet recurring emotion with it. In this relationship, our feelings for these items only peak when we make contact with them, which isn’t often being that they are usually buried in a drawer or closet, making our emotions with them short lived. Items that many of us form these temporary yet long-term relationships with include items such as old phones and laptops, back up holiday decorations in excess, articles of clothing, etc. Hoarding can extend to various areas of the home. Let’s use the kitchen as an example. Things we may harbor in this area include a surplus of items such as utensils and dishes from various sets. Holding space for these items decreases the functionality of the kitchen and increases the amount of work needed to keep it clean. If we can cleanse the space of excess items, it allows us to obtain items with ease and decreases the amount of clutter to clean.

It is essential that we begin to learn that these items don’t hold as much true value as we may think and that it is okay to simply let them go. 

People who thrive in organized spaces understand the importance of functionally. Things that are properly organized are simply at its core more efficient. This makes their usage easy and the experience somewhat enjoyable. It is more important than ever for organizationally-savvy individuals to weave a simple yet highly effective system into a space as personal as their homes.

These individuals will invest in items to help them achieve and maintain organization in all areas of the home. This includes under sinks, in drawers, closets, etc. Another plus about these organizational items is that they have a capacity limit, which encourages individuals to avoid hoarding. Check out our article 5 Organizational Items from Amazon That Will Make Your Life Easier to find items for the home that will help you organize various areas of your home!

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